How To Improve Customer Service And Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More.


Keeping the clients you already have is far more important than securing new clients yet most salons concentrate on securing new clients for their business rather than taking real care of their existing ones.


The reason for this is due to business owners / decision makers not fully understanding the importance of the need to keep every single existing client happy by continuously improving on their customer services.


The first reason that would come to anyone’s mind for wanting to keep their existing clients would of course be, not wishing to lose the money they spend in their business but it goes much further than that because if a client leaves your business, unless it is not possible for them to use it anymore because they move away, then this logically means that they are not happy with what your business has provided them.


If you also consider this further, then it is obvious that this lost client will naturally tell others as to why they no longer use your business and thus your word of mouth marketing campaign, which is the most effective form of marketing your business can do if you get it right will be achieving the exact opposite of what you need it to do.


Dependent upon how established your salon is, the effect of this will be either greater or smaller but now with the internet being so important in everyone’s lives, businesses can no longer hide their mistakes so easily as people can very easily and very effectively post bad reviews about your business online.


When you also add the fact that we all as humans tell around 3 people of our experiences, good or bad and these 3 people tell 3 others, then it is easy to see why every single existing client is very important to your business’s not only growth but actual survival.


It is also far more financially rewarding for your business to keep your existing clients for further reasons other than this, which we shall now explain.


Firstly; it costs your business tremendous resources to secure new clients, especially in this day and age of everyone being sick and tired of receiving marketing from one company after the other. To add to this; your business already knows your existing client so that your business can safely project the potential spend of each client, if of course you take very good care of them. Also it is far simpler in business to increase the spends of your existing clients, rather than with new clients because you will have built up a very good relationship with them, if your business is wise enough to do so as it is a fact that people buy more from people whom they know, then from people they don’t know so that your chances of increasing your existing clients spend is logically far greater, with the resources required to do so being far less than for new clients.


So keep improving your customer service, reward them often for their loyalty in a multitude of different ways from personally telling them of your gratitude for their trust and support of your business, on to sending them the odd free gift, which must be of value / benefit to them, on to ensuring that your existing clients always receive the best offers your company makes and you will keep them and they will great ambassadors of your company.


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