The first obvious method most companies use is through price but price is one of the, if not THE worst way to secure new customers because firstly if a client comes to you through price, then they may just as easily be swayed to leave you for another business for an even lower price and in most cases, such clients make you little to no profit anyway so what's the point of having them when you can focus your resources on securing the right kind of new customers that will grow your business and actually make you profits.


Successful businesses are those businesses that focus their time, effort and money on securing the right customers and not just any customer and yes there are examples of businesses that do very well from selling on price but for sure a Salon is not one of them.


Many businesses fear that their business may not be high end enough or known well enough to charge higher prices but even though the look and name of your business is an added and very important factor to your clients, if your business is clean, warm, friendly and most of all, you can deliver exactly that which the client wants, how they want it and even better when they want it, then you will convince a great number of the very best customers to use your business because what's most important to any potential client is that you supply them with exactly what they really want, how they want it and when they want it.


If your business image is not currently where you want it to be and you do secure the right kind of clients, then it's this that will improve your business name and it's always important to stay humble, whilst confirming to them that your intentions will always be to never stop improving your business for them.


So how do you secure the right clients?


You secure them through on-going marketing communications and marketing communications that convince each potential client that you guarantee to deliver exactly what they want so all of your marketing communications should include:


1. You are clear about the purpose of your business


2. You add value to your clients' lives


3. You solve their problems


4. You meet their needs


5. You answer their questions


What else must be included in your marketing campaigns?


Your' Title


Your' Offer


Your' USP's


Your' Guarantees


Your' Call To Action


If you do not know how to create powerful communications yourself, then either hire someone who is an expert at this and you money will be very well spent or why register for Special Businesses Fast Business Development Program, which teaches you everything you need to know in how to build a successful business in a simple step by step fashion that anyone, no matter what their current knowledge, experience or abilities may be will understand.


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Where do you place your marketing communications?


1. Social media is of course a very effective method of marketing and it costs you little other than your won hard work, if you can do it correctly.


2. Google's / Bing's Pay Per Click, which if you are not using, then you are missing out on a great business opportunity because again, if you use it correctly, then you can secure great clients for very little cost indeed as these clients may end up using your business for years to come.


3. Local advertisements but ensure that you make it more of an editorial and not just a simple price offer advert.


4. Networking events where you can meet and speak to lots of different people.


5. Direct mail as this will give you a chance to get really adventurous with your marketing communications again if you know how.


Each of these marketing platform potentials are hugely increased in not only their effectiveness but also in their cost if you have the expertise to use them properly so if you don't, then make sure that you learn how to use them first or hire an expert to do it for you as it will save and make you far more money and it will also learn you the right expertise that you can then use yourself for the future.