Starting your own salon business is an exciting time but it is also a very important moment in your life because you must make sure that you are truly prepared to make your salon an assured success as it’s a fact that most salons ultimately end up going bust and it’s normally not just egg on your face if it does, it can also put you into serious financial difficulties if you don’t get it right.


So how do you start your own salon business?


Well first off; it’s very important for YOU to be great at delivering the services that your clients really want as you must be able to create as much flexibility in your business planning as possible so if you are planning to employ other staff within your salon for example and they should fall sick or decide to leave you, then at least you can jump in and deliver their services whilst they recover or until you are able to secure another great member of staff because you can’t afford to end up losing clients to other salons because your clients can’t wait.

What else do you need to do?


So if you are great at delivering the exact services that your clients will want and you have some other great people to help you do this, then the next important area to cover is the location of your salon as location is everything, at least in most cases.


So how do you select the right location?


There are many ways to establish this’ like for example using a professional market research service as they will have already looked at the whole of the UK to see where the best locations are that haven’t yet been taken up and you can get access to this information through your local library business department.


Is there another way?


Yes; most people tend to try to find a location themselves where no one else has yet located a salon, in the hope that they will capture their market from this area, however this is not always the best method for many reasons but if you are looking to do this, then first check out the exact number of people living within your potential catchment area, which you can do through the governments national statistics website to at least confirm that there are enough of the type of clients you plan to service. Again if you were to use these research documents, they would also tell you the penetration rate of your services generally so that you could at least carry out a very quick and simple calculation to see how much income your salon could potentially create from that specific area.


What else should you do?


Businesses like salons need to ensure that they have ample parking for their clients and parking must be very near because most people are not willing to walk very far to your salon and of course you must think about local residents’ potential objections and such as a salon causes quite a lot of traffic and thus logically potentially upsets some of the people living around the salon location.


Is there anything else you need to do?


Customer service is vitally important to a salon so it’s not so much about just being polite but rather focussed upon building friendships with your clients as not only do people buy more from people they know and trust but also people attach themselves to relationships and not facilities or even services so if you make friends out of your clients, then your business will benefit greatly from it.


There are of course many other areas of your salon business you would need to get right but these are the initial vital consideration you should make before embarking on opening your own salon.


If you would like expert assistance with starting your own salon, then contact us now and we will provide you with all of the tools and expert advice needed to create an assured successful salon.