Most salon owners and mobile therapists are using slow, labor intensive and very expensive salon software to run their businesses with in the UK.


To add to this; many of these salons quite simply do not use the functionality that these software systems offer, even if they are generally good and the reason for this is simply due to the complexity of working out how to actually use these complex salon software systems properly.


It’s no wonder when you think about it as not only do the salon owners have to try to learn how to use these complex software systems themselves but they also have to train their staff on how to use them properly or they end up having to pay for the salon software supplier to train their staff for them, which costs them time, hassle, stress and of course it loses the salon lot’s money as the business owner or their staff are not working whilst they have to carry out the training with the new members of staff. This training issue is an on-going cycle with every new member of staff the salon employs over and over again and when you add the fact that many salon staff do not stay in their positions for very long, this truly does become a very expensive business cost for the salon indeed.


However in the USA, Canada and Australia there are many other salon software systems that are far better equipped at running salons and they require much less work from the salon staff but these companies are new to the UK and they bring other issues with them. To add to this all; none of the salon software systems anywhere in the world could offer a salon one simple interface that held everything a salon needs to run their business with and none of them offered either a salon website designer software to build the salons website with professionally, nor did they offer proper social media management, event management or blog management meaning the salon owners would still have to pay for, learn and use multiple software’s if they wanted to manage their salons.


Well there is one UK based company that does it all and they do it amazingly!


This company is called Salon Software UK and not only do they offer all of the above and much more, what’s additionally extra special about this salon software is, they have released the world’s first “Pay as you go” salon software full business management system and what’s further special is that they have also launched the world’s first salons software system that is built up of small software packages that all perfectly merge instantly together to create one perfect system interface that will suit each salon perfectly like a glove, saving the business a whole lot of time, stress, hassle and for sure it will save and make them money so why not get along their right now and just see it it for yourselves as they don’t even require you do give them even your name to immediately start using it, you simply click their try now button which creates a guest account for you and this will allow you to fully play around with it to see how amazing it is for yourself.


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